I’m A Black Aviation Professional (ImBAP)

Alert: We are currently working on enhancing our ImBAP user experience. If you are a returning ImBAP account user and you’d like to update your progress or profile, please leverage our spotlight submission form. We appreciate your patience, and we look forward to announcing the new and improved ImBAP account in the coming weeks.

Creating an ImBAP account is FREE. Answer a few questions about your Aviation journey and add yourself as a resource to participate in outreach initiatives within the community. There are a host of benefits related to creating an ImBAP account like;

  • A personal account that allows you to track your progress
  • Triggers your accomplishments to a member of the BAPN community to offer support/mentorship
  • Allows our commercial partners the ability to understand our talent pool for talent acquisition
  • Automatically enrolls you in opportunities to accelerate your career
  • Recognition by BAPN in digital and print media and celebrated at in person events – increase your networking opportunities
  • Opportunity to connect with others going through the same process
  • And so much more!

Complete the ImBAP questionnaire and once the new ImBAP account is available, your account will be created and your user name and password will be sent to you.